Science Activity Based Learning at Don Bosco School

Our Class 10 students used the knowledge they had gained in their Biology classes on Digestive Enzymes to design some very innovative and informative displays depicting the stages of digestion – based on individual student’s meal plans. Thank you to Jayalakshmi Teacher for creating awareness about diet and nutrition among her students while teaching a biology lesson.

Activity Based Learning Projects

July 2019: The students from Class 6 and 7 organized a Gallery Walk to display their innovative activity based projects in Social Studies. It was great seeing the enthusiasm among students who shared their projects in an interactive manner which made it a learning experience for their audience too. Thank you Sara Teacher and Sonia Teacher for organizing this event.

Thank You Rev. Fr. Suresh

On Friday, 5th July 2019, Don Bosco School got the opportunity to express its heartfelt gratitude to Rev. Fr. Suresh for his tremendous work over the past eight years in seeing this school grow from just over a hundred students to what it is today. When Fr. Suresh was made principal of Don Bosco School eight years ago, he got to work right a way, enrolling students and training faculty. Since then the school has grown exponentially thanks to his dedication and perseverance.

The entire school, along with Rev. Fr. Thomas Santiagu, Vice President and Correspondent of the school, Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Rayappa, Rev. Fr. Rajesh, Rev. Fr. Raju, Rev. Fr. Baly and Principal of our school, Rev. Fr. Chinnappa warmly welcomed Rev. Fr. Suresh back on campus.

The event began with a prayer song, welcome dance and speeches from the Principal, teachers and students – each sharing their personal experiences to thank Rev. Fr. Suresh. In the words of Neelima Teacher, ” Words are not adequate to express our gratitude”. Rev. Fr. Santiagu spoke about how everyday, over the past years, Rev. Fr. Suresh would be on the school campus at 8 AM and would rarely take time from work, except while attending some other event. The number of beautifully created handmade greeting cards and the tears in the eyes of students, especially our Class 10, were testimony to the great respect and admiration of the students. We wish Rev. Fr. Suresh the very best as he once again takes on the challenging role of building another school and we look forward to his next visit to our school.

Don Bosco School Election of Student Leaders 2019-2020

After listening to students who volunteered for leadership positions speak during rounds of campaigning, students at Don Bosco School got to vote for their student leaders. Congratulations to Lohitha Reddy Class 10 (S.P.L) and S. Rahul Class 9 Lotus (A.S.P.L). We wish them every success as they take on their leadership role and represent the students of Don Bosco School.

Meeting with Parents 2019 -2020

Don Bosco School organized a series of interactive meetings for parents of students from Nursery to High School, during Saturdays from June to July 2019. The aim of the meetings were to encourage a continued good rapport between parents, management and teachers; which is integral to the functioning of our school. It was also a great opportunity to welcome new students’ parents to the campus and give them an orientation on the school. Parents were introduced to the members of the Management of Don Bosco School. Rev Fr. Thomas Santiagu, Vice President and Correspondent of the school, graciously attended every event and spent valuable time speaking to and meeting with parents. Rev. Fr. Thomas Santiagu gave parents an overview of the vision and functioning of Salesian schools and institutes worldwide. He said that  a Holistic approach to education was integral to the values of Don Bosco School and that the sole aim of Don Bosco School is to make “every child who enters our school good, honest and responsible citizens.” Rev. Fr. Santiagu also informed parents about all the new programs and initiatives being organized in the school for the academic year.

The Principal of our school, Rev. Fr. Chinnappa then addressed the gathering. Once again warmly welcoming all the parents, Rev. Fr. Chinnappa said they he looked forward to working with the parents and seeing the school grow with the cooperation of the parents. In his words, “ Imparting education is the primary responsibility of the school staff but in order to succeed we need the support and valuable feedback of the parents.” He then reiterated the rules and regulations of the school such as punctuality, students wearing the proper school uniform and the school’s leave policy as well as gave parents updates on the curriculum and criteria for assessments and evaluations in our school. Fr. Chinnappa then encouraged parents to share their opinions and comments about the ways in which Don Bosco School could continue to grow and improve.

Over the different sessions, parents gave some excellent feedback for the school. Parents who did not get an opportunity to speak were encouraged by Rev. Fr. Chinnappa to fill in feedback forms available at the venue. We sincerely appreciate all the comments and feedback and are in the process of reviewing as well as implementing some of the suggestions. The Management too will be reviewing all suggestions.

The school much appreciates the large turn out of parents and their wonderful support and encouragement in helping in the growth and development of Don Bosco School. Our sincere thanks to all the parents who attended the events.

19th National Karate Championship, Goa, 2019

Don Bosco School students participated in the 19th National Karate Championship held in Goa from the 14th to 16th of June 2019. Hearty Congratulations to Vivekashrith Reddy (Class 6) on winning a Gold Medal and Vushakoita Tanish (Class 6) for winning a Bronze Medal. Vivek has been selected for the International Championship in Malaysia. Congratulations to their coach Mr. Sudhakar and we wish them good luck for the upcoming tournament at Malaysia.

Aksharabhyasam Ceremony 2019-2020

“Aksharabhyasam” is a Sanskrit word meaning initiation of education to a child by his parents and Guru on an auspicious day. This will be a formal beginning of literacy in one’s life. The auspicious occasion of our Kindergarten kids was started by invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song sung by our UKG students.

Our Principal Rev. Fr. Godugunooru Chinnappa addressed the attendees and set the context for the occasion with an inspiring welcome speech. 

The Divine Grace was spread through the lighting of the lamp by Rev Fr. Dr. Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar, President of our School, Rev. Fr. Chinnappa, our Principal, Mrs. Annamary,  teacher representative, Mr. G Vijay Reddy, Parent representative and Theresa representing our pre-primary students. 

The Parents and the newly enrolled nursery kids were warmly greeted by the first standard students of Don Bosco with a Welcome dance. And thereafter the LKG as well as UKG students had a lovely performance for our Parents and newly enrolled toddlers.

There after we began the ‘Aksharabhyasam Ceremony’ with the blessings of our Reverend Fathers, Mrs. Christine and the loving teachers of Kindergarten. 

The Vote of Thanks was proposed Mrs. Juliet of Nursery Class with appreciation for the Reverend Salesian Fathers for accepting our invitation and blessing our tiny tots on their auspicious day. Also to the Parents for spending their valuable time in encouraging our tiny tots’ academic journey in our school.

Inaugural of the Academic Year 2019-2020

June marked the beginning the academic year 2019-2020 at Don Bosco School. The school joyfully celebrated the return of our students to the school campus with a festive ceremony. We were pleased to have among us Rev. Fr. Thomas Santiago, Vice president and Correspondent of the school, Rev. Fr. Rajesh, Rev. Fr. Baly and the Principal of our school, Rev. Fr. Chinnappa.

Telangana Day Celebration 2019 at Don Bosco School

Following the inauguration ceremony, the school joyously celebrated the Telangana Formation Day, which is celebrated on the 2nd of June every year since 2014 but had fallen during the school’s summer vacations.

Students traced the history of Telangana formation day through speeches, a traditional folk dance, skits and posters which reflected the rich cultural heritage of our state.

Creative and Colourful Posters created by our teachers to Welcome Back students to the Academic Year 2019 -2020.

Child Protection Policy Training at Don Bosco School

Rev. Fr. Dr. Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar, President of Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda, conducted an intensive training session with thorough instructions for staff about the Child Protection Policy at Don Bosco School on the 30th of May 2019 at the school campus.

Fr. Thathireddy spoke about the policies developed by the Indian government for the care and protection of minors and the various steps taken to address the problems of child abuse. He presented and read key features of the Child Protection Handbook for Teachers followed by a presentation on the books published in 2014 on Don Bosco School’s Child Protection Policy. He said that copies of the publications would be made available for teachers to read. 

Teachers were given detailed information about the Committee for Professional Standards for Don Bosco Schools which was constituted to address any concern regarding Child Protection. He advised teachers on the steps and measures to be taken in our school and encouraged staff to remain vigilant at all times in school to ensure the protection of our students. Rev. Fr. Thathi spoke also about the pioneering work done by Salesians to safeguard and protect minors.

This training session helped teachers to have a clear overview of Don Bosco School’s policies and stringent measures taken to safeguarding the rights of our students to ensure that students are well protected in our school.



In conclusion, Fr. Thathi reminded the teachers of Don Bosco’s vision for Salesian schools with the words, “I encourage teachers to create a loving environment in the school.”







 Felicitations for Rev. Fr. Chinnappa 


Rev. Fr. Chinnappa was greeted with a traditional welcome by the Management and the teaching faculty at Don Bosco School as he takes on the role of Principal of Don Bosco School. We wish Fr. Chinnappa the very best for the academic year ahead and every success as Principal of our school.










Don Bosco’s Way Training for Teachers

Rev. Fr. Thomas Santiagu, Vice President and Correspondent of Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda, conducted a day’s training programme for teachers  on Don Bosco’s  System of Education.

Fr. Santiagu traced the historical methods of education down the centuries from the earlier Repressive Methods to Preventive and then Expressive Methods of Education. He presented, as well as used group discussions to analyze, the pros and cons of each system.

Way back in 1841, Don Bosco pioneered a holistic educational system that firmly placed the child’s needs in the center. At a time when the Industrial Revolution was causing grave impacts on the welfare of kids from poorer income families and when children were thrown into prisons for minor offenses, Don Bosco pioneered the Preventive Method of Education.

The three pillars of Don Bosco’s Way are: Rapport, Reason and Religion – thereby students discover their identity and develop a healthy self-esteem. Today, Don Bosco’s system of education continues to be a beacon of hope for hundreds and thousands of students studying in Don Bosco institutes in 136 countries spread across the globe. Fr. Santiagu also spoke about the work being done by Salesian institutes in rural areas like conducting children’s parliaments for kids to come up with solutions to the problems they faced.

The other highlights of the training session by Fr. Santiagu were his inspiring video presentations, interactive sessions with the teachers and the use of action songs and fun group activities to create a family like atmosphere which is the spirit and hallmark of Salesian Institutes. Our grateful thanks to Fr. Santiagu for inspiring us to continue the great work started by our founder – Don Bosco.




Leadership Training Programme

27th May 2019: The second professional development workshop for teachers for this academic year was a Leadership Training Programme organized by TalentEase. TalentEase will be conducting leadership development classes for our students from class 3 to 10 in school this year. Don Bosco School has taken the initiative to offer this innovative programme with the aim of developing leadership skills and building communication, problem-solving and creativity skills in our students. At the heart of this course is teaching strong values and ethics to students which will stand them in good stead for life. Moreover, students will learn skills such as collaborative learning, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility which will serve them well in their future careers.

The training workshop for teachers was conducted by Mr. Prabeen who had the teachers actively engaged in a wide range of activities from designing lesson plans for multiple intelligences to using brain exercises to stimulate left and right brain coordination. A major focus in one of the sessions was developing effective communication skills through fun learning activities while another section was about cognitive development.

The day’s event concluded with an overview of the TalentEase course which will be offered to our students this year. The teachers now eagerly look forward to seeing the impact this programme will have on our students.


Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity at Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda

On 25th May 2019, Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda, organized a Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity at our school campus which was conducted by Mrs. Vishnu Vandana, on behalf of CBSE Center of Excellence.  The programme was inaugurated with a traditional lighting of the lamp ceremony by the Vice President and Correspondent of the school Rev. Fr. Thomas Santiagu, Principal Rev. Fr. Chinnappa, Resource Person Mrs. Vishnu Vandana and teachers Mrs. Anna Mary and Ms. Priyadarshini.


Around 50 of our school faculty attended the training programme which was aimed at equipping teachers with information and resources that would help them to promote and foster an environment of gender equality in the classroom and in our community. Each session was highly informative as it served its purpose of creating awareness about using appropriate language and gender sensitive terms in the classroom.

In addition, teachers designed lesson plans and participated in activities to promote gender equality. The interactive sessions further helped enhance the teachers’ classroom management techniques.

Overall, the training programme was informative, productive and thought provoking as teachers now have a heightened sense of the life skills value of building and fostering gender equality in the classroom.









Sports Achievements at Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda 




January 2019: Two Don Bosco School students were selected to represent Telangana state in High Jump for SSPF’s National Championship. Sanjeevini (Class 7 J) was awarded a Gold Medal and V. Aditya ( 8 J ) received a Silver Medal in the State Championship.

Congratulations to the students and their Coach Mr. Ashok on this great achievement.



January 2019: Congratulations to Rukmini Kumari (Class 8 J) and Saina Daisy (7 J) for being selected for the National Throwball Tournament. Rukmini was awarded a shield as a Good Defender and Player.

Congratulations also to their coach Ms. Sleeva Saritha for training the students.





January 2019: Don Bosco School won the Grand-championship for achieving a total of:

11 Gold Medals

5 Silver Medals

1 Bronze


17 of our students participated in this event. Congratulations to all the students and their Coach for this great achievement. 










DECEMBER 2018: Congratulations to our students for winning trophies and medals and to the coaches who trained the students in the following events:


UNDER 12 – Winners
UNDER 14 – Runners Up

100 M RUNNING UNDER 12 – Third Place

400 M RUNNING UNDER 12 – Third Place

100 M RUNNING UNDER 14 – Third Place

SHOT PUT – Third Place 







Don Bosco School, Hyderabad, is delighted to announce that our school is now a member of Don Bosco Green Alliance.

Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international group of young people from Don Bosco Schools, institutions and organizations across the world that contributes to global environmental action, thought and policy.

In keeping with our school’s mission of developing responsible citizens, Don Bosco School, Hyderabad will be focusing its student led environmental activities around three areas:

1. Reducing Pollution
2. Waste Management and Recycling of paper, plastics and other materials.
3. Developing and Maintaining a Green Campus and Surroundings

We look forward to making a substantial contribution towards protecting our environment and creating a green campus.